About Project

Our project will be focusing on career guidance. Our main goal is to assist students in their personal growth, professional development, and at the same time, ensure students have enjoyable and successful experiences. We aim to:

*provide professional guidance and counseling for students;

*enhance career and educational support services;

*establish a platform for communication and enhance social and peer networking using a variety of tools and self-help portals;

*provide useful and objective information and advices for students;  assist them in overcoming difficulties in their personal and professional  life;

*assist pupils in order to enhance their self-directed  career development competency and increase a wider range of vocational opportunities;

*develop vocational psychological tests for each school level in order  to assist students  to better understand themselves for efficient career design and occupational choice;

*provide guidance and support for students in order to help them identify their  critical personal qualities and develop the practical skills required in the working environment;

*raise students’ self-esteem, self-confidence, etc. in order to help them explore and overcome different situations or states that might trammel their personal and professional evolution;

*help students become independent human beings, help them became aware of the fact that they can manage on their own or they can even impel others;

*help students identify the appropriate solutions for their problems;

*guide and encourage students to harness their capabilities in order to achieve desired results;

*support students to work together with others, to cooperate, to listen to and accept the viewpoints and contributions of others;

*enhance students’ self-control and discipline;

*develop new attitudes in students that will make their school, social and future life easier and also bring success;

*show teachers and other staff different methods of teaching; give them a chance to adopt new approaches, techniques and good practice;

*build strong characters and help students realize their full potential as responsible citizens and, maybe, future leaders;

Our partnership will involve 6 partners from 5 European countries: Germany, Turkey (2 schools), United Kingdom, Spain and Romania. All partner schools have identified a problem in career guidance and counseling field and are interested in improving their expertize. 

We intend to get involved in various series of activities such as: 

- logo competition;

- creating booklets, brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.

- applying questionnaires;

- creating a project website, a guest book, a photo album;

- creating magazines;

- organizing exhibitions;

- conducting surveys;

- visits to various institutions and companies;

- holding a seminar;

- organizing a "Career fair"; 

- creating project pages on social networking sites, on eTwinning, YouTube.

The project will have a significant impact on students, teachers, local communities, marking an improvement of relations between all educational factors. School will become more attractive to students and will involve parents in school's activities.

Students will learn more about their personal qualifications. They will be able to recognize the appropriate options for themselves and understand the relationship between their options and education/ training and business. Thus, they will plan their own future more consciously. On the other hand, they will enjoy coming to school and fell inspired to get involved in project activities. 

Teachers will recognize  the importance of their role in career planning and will become more willing to be students' advisors. On the other hand, they will be able to prepare and implement new Erasmus+ projects, with multiple benefits for their students and for their personal development .