Ganztagsschule "Werner Seelenbinder"/ Germany(Coordinator)

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Our  rural secondary school offers an educational programme including subjects of a secondary school as well as creative, social or sporty activities. The school is not very big- 240 students attend it, tought by 27 teachers and assisted by 3 pedagogical/social workers.

We are a UNESCO school and try to teach the children and teenagers to be tolerant and open. Therefore  we offer a warm and well- meaning atmosphere.

Although our school is very small it is a very modern place for learning. modernized some years ago students have the chance to learn in modern laboratories and special cabinets, including a language lab. Regularly there are project periods to develpe the self- organized learning. After classes or in between students can spend their time in a free- time area with rooms to relax, to work in or to be active.

After classes we offer to do homework at school. Therefor students can also use our library, wich is included in the school building.

Since about four years we are also teaching students with special needs. Inclusion is a main task we face to.

The students attending our school come from 14 villages, so we are an educational centre of the region. For some students attending school is the best, and sometimes only, opportunity to get in contact with others of the same age.

Our village is a typical German one. Not very far away from the next big city our students are faced with all problems of our society. A very big one is unemployment. Although we have one of the biggest companies ( a pot- ash- mine) of Saxony- Anhalt near by.Many of our students have to face a lot of problems every day- the biggest is the discrepance between what you can get and what you can afford. Many of the parents are out of work and have to manage everyday life with only few money. 

So we have the task to show the students how to leave the circle. We want to give them new ideas for their life, train them to be fit for a job. Besides the problems in the family we want them to pass school successfully to raise their chance on the job- market. 

We are sure, that the exchange of ideas, methods with our partners and the experience of the students they can make during the visits will help a lot to reach the aim for more students.