Scoala Gimnaziala Valisoara / Romania

Școala Gimnazială Vălișoara is secondary school located in the commune of Vălișoara, Hunedoara County, Romania. The school is a small rural school. It covers three levels of education:

- a kindergarten;

- a primary school;

- a secondary school. 

Our school offers general training to the children from the commune. 

The majority of our school population comes from families with limited financial resources. During the communist period, the people in this region used to work in gold mines, but the mines were closed some years ago. Now, most of the parents work in the towns near-by, such as Brad or Deva. Many families grown domestic animals and some live of the land. 

In general, in Romania, the villages and communes are slowly being depopulated. Because of the lack of possibilities and jobs, people go working abroad or move to town. The commune of Vălișoara is following this trend. That is way it is very important for our students to plan their career in accordance with their talents and their  possibilities. Their well training could make a difference in the future development of the commune. 

Our school is being monitored by ARACIP, the Romanian agency responsible for the quality of teaching.