Atatürk Secondary School / Yenimahalle / Ankara / Turkey       

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Our organisation is a public, secondary school which is supported by the Ministry of Education. The school is located in Yenimahalle District in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The school was founded in1963, and started education with a single building as a primary school. A second building was added and continued education as a secondary school since then. We have 99 teachers working and the other staff for cleaning and preparing official documents of the school. Our school has 1198 students between the age of 11-14 and 24 special needs students and 42 classes and a ouitizm class. 

Our school had run an international ECO-Project and a local project about raising awareness to the disabled which is called 'We are all different, we are all special'. The ECO Project was about protecting the environment, raising awareness about the nature. The main topic of the project was recycling the waste in order to reduce the amount of waste. With the local project about raising awarenes of the disabled students, we had intended to change the point of view of the students towards disabled peers through developing their responsibilities, brotherhood, equality,love and emphaty. 

The other international project is "Forestry Program in Schools", the original name was "Learning About Forest-LEAF". "Forestry Program in Schools" started to aimed at the development of our students' knowledge about the forest ecosystems and the forest's introduction with the aspects of social, economic and cultural, in 2015. 

Our school is successful and powerful teams in their work. One of the projects team was awarded the prize in the local project about awareness of people with disabilities, in the field of  the quality management system, by Yenimahalle District Directorate of Education. Our school students received awards in science branch, "This is my work" project competition organized by TUBITAK in 2013.

Our organisation has started doing EU Projects in 2010 with a Grundtvig project as a coordinator ‘Training parents about drugs’. This Project was among the 20 good practises choosen in our country by the National Agency which ended in 2012. With this project we looked into reasons, effects and results of drug addiction among the teenagers. We tried to help the parents and focused on what we can do altogether by exchanging ideas, using technology and cooperating with different institutions, in cooperation with the local communities, organisations in each partner country. The target groups of the project were parents, teachers/trainers, associations/organizations and pupils aged between 6-19. The same year we began a Comenius Project as a partner which was coordinated by Poland named ‘We have borrowed Earth from our Children'. The project was based on a game called' Interesting corners of Europe” This was a Project running on a moodle platform. Educational game consists of six stages. The participants were students aged 11 - 14 years. Teams of teachers from partner schools had placed on the platform three tasks: mathematical, scientific ( with elements of geography) and lingual (connected with English) according to established deadline. Students solved all problems in their mother tongue except the English task . Tasks were checked by teachers of Mathematics, Science, Geography and English. After each stage, results of the game were placed on the platform. Each task was graded by the responsible teachers. All tasks were connected with the most interesting corners in partner countries. At the end of the game 6 winners of each school were selected according their grades. The prize for the winners was a weekly workshop in the Polish and Slovakian Tatra Mountains.